Aerial Strapaten

Partner acrobatics with Straps

   Konstantin Makarkin & Olena Yakymenko


… my Impossible Love, what is worse?
To lose you or to follow you
To dream of you, or to live?
I no longer want to wait for the mirror to break,
If your reflection is already a fading blur.
I do not want to love you, if unable to say a word to you.
Though never – will I curse your face or forget your voice.
You seek to become a woman, yet a soul may shatter many times…
… to love you, is to take…
… a Journey of Dreams…

… The soul is hung on double straps. Pride and melancholy swing high above the heads of spectators and seem to float effortlessly as they tell a gripping story. Duo Excellence is a graceful blend of strength, artistry, and sensuality – a tribute to the love of Prince Rainier of Monaco and Princess Grace – and a highlight in any program. Par excellence …

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