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Olena lives in Berlin and performs throughout Europe.

She is an extraordinary aerialist and also a successful choreographer and director of circus acts and shows, notably “Trio Myster “ & “Aphrodite’s Daughters“ . She is known for high class acrobatics with elements of theater.


“ Tango im Schnee ”                                                                                                                                       “ Pas de Deux ”                                                                                                                                             ” Erogene Klimazonen “                                                                                                                                 “ Steinhaus Variete & Dinner ”                                                                                                                       “ Lieberte`-revolution d`amour ”                                                                                                                 “ Palazzo Colombino ”                                                                                                                                   “ Traumhaft ”

and others …

She also teaches aerial and pole acrobatics at the Internationale Varieté Akademie in Berlin and gives workshops throughout Germany. Master students of Olena include Helene Fischer and Magdalena Brzeska.

…from the Harper’s Bazaar May 2014 issue on Aerial Hoop Training (in the IVA) with Olena Yakymenko.:
“Aerial Hoop, also called Aerial Ring, is ideal for those who want more body tension, strength, balance and mobility.
For sports, training in Aerial Hoop feels playful, not as monotonous as jogging 45 minutes, more like a little adventure, exciting and fun. It provides exhilaration, trains perfect body control and is easy to implement . „
Text: Frances Marr, Harper Bazaar. May 2014.

Due to her vast stage experience she is able to create high-level performances adapted perfectly to any event. She delivers breath taking performances, a combination of artistry (solo, duo or team), dance and opera in combination with expressive costumes.

Her productions are characterized by poetry, sensuality, imagination and the highest artistic level.

Artistry offers a synthesis of classical and avant-garde. We combine the grace of ballet with the daring of acrobatics, the depth of shadows with the joy of light, and the peace of silence with the vigor of music …


„… top-notch aerial acrobatics on the ring“

„… a graceful blend of artistry, performance and sensuality …“

„… Olena Yakymenko presents the weightless art of Air Ballet. With the help of a ring, the artist raises the dimensions of dance and soars gracefully over the stage …“

„… behind the ease, stand many years of severe training. Mastery comes from the symbiosis of mind and body …“

„… a high degree of difficulty working on a ring within the heights of Varietè Theater – forceful swings and twists, embedded in delicate sparkling piano sounds – from music and physicality arises a soulful, graceful vision of desire and denying …“ IMAGE – newspaper

„Olena Yakymenko is poetic, acrobatic and aesthetically perfect. From high over the heads of the guests, she tells the story of the Firebird through her artistry on Aerial Ring.“

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